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"I told him that a long-lens shot had appeared in that morning’s papers, strangely enough, of him posing behind a dress hanging on a clothesline. It turned out that he and his then girlfriend, now third wife, Nancy Shevell, had been wandering past a clothes stall when Paul spotted a shifty photographer.

"It’s weird, ‘cause I saw him and I thought, I bet that’s a pap," he said. "And I thought, Nah, I’m being paranoid. But my instincts are too damn good on that stuff and i was right. I sort of went up to him, but he was a coward and he drove off.

I did say to Nancy, ‘D’you know what? Look, it’s us having fun on holiday, we’re having a laugh.’ Y’know, standing behind a dress. I was originally trying to get her to stand behind it to see if it fitted her. So I got behind it and I must admit, as I did it, I thought, He’s gonna get this, this’ll be the one.”“

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